Faucet In A Box Ultimate Script Setup

January 7, 2021
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For autofaucet, you can use Bob Free Script to setup easily.

NOTE: Video has no audio.
RDD Faucet Setup using Faucet In A Box Ultimate


  • Download the latest version of Faucet In A Box Ultimate.
  • Upload and extract the file in your host's public_html folder.
  • Create a database and remember the credentials. (Database name, user and password)
  • Update config.php by writing the correct information for $dbname, $dbuser and $dbpass.
  • Browse your site to access admin panel and modify the contents. (It is recommended to use more than 3 shortlinks in your faucet)
    For more information about Priority and Limit in Shortlink Page, kindly read here.
  • If you are going to do test claim on your faucet it will show Test Payment in your Dashboard.

Site Application

For first time faucet owners, request an activation to get access to your public API in Payment Gateway under your account.